Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh, The Coughing, Coughing, Coughing!

So as previously discussed here, Spenser the wonder boy, has Croup. The doctor thought he could go back to school yesterday. At least that is what the note said. However, yesterday he was miserable, and feverish, so no dice on the school front. I thought for sure that today he would go back. Yeah that did not happen.

Poor boy, was up all night hacking out his lungs. Apologizing for hacking, and when he did manage to catch a bit of a kip, he would have nightmares.

Poor thing.

So we were up for the day at basically 5. 5. Robyn does not do well at 5 in the morning. Ever. I have no other choice though, cause I cannot fall back asleep with him home, just not something that I think is prudent. Also I have to clean, the entire freakin house. Then we have to grocery shopping.

Long day ahead of me.

Rob is staying home tomorrow and I told him I would be sleeping in and he would be getting Spenser ready for school. We shall see on that one.

I am so tired. So very very tired.

Kids, I tell ya.

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