Monday, September 04, 2006

Farewell Ya Crazy Bastard!

I cannot believe that the Croc Hunter is dead. And not because of some fatal run in with a crocodile. A completely accidental and unexpected thing.

I feel so bad for his wife and their babies. Yes I know that the girl is 8, but still that was her Daddy that died, and he thought of her as his baby.

He was crazy as all get out, wasn't he? I thought for sure he would either be hurt by a croc, or he would live to be a very old man, telling tales of how he wrestled crocs, and helped people understand a bit more about the native Australian animals he often chased around. I thought perhaps we might get to see him and his wife with their grandchildren, showing the next generation about the animals and such.

I guess I just find it sad, because he is not all that much older then Rob or really me for that matter. Well ok, he is a bit older then me, but I think he was one of those few people who didn't show his age.

So so sad.

RIP Steve Irwin! You were certainly a trip to watch!

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