Sunday, September 03, 2006

Did I Tell You You're Wonderful?

I love this song. Adam Ant.

Lately he has become a wee bit nutters, but I still lubs me some Adam Ant and that song in particular.

I just got done with the first part of the transcription and a 2 mile walk. I am so happy I did that. Tonight I am going to try to finish up the transcription. That way I will have most of the day to finish cleaning the stove. Now I just need to find someone to run the gas line for it!

The people we thought would do it, no longer do it. Suckage for sure.

Well I must go, we are going to the in laws for sloppy joes, slop, slop, sloppy joes! (anyone who likes Adam Sandler will get that reference!)


1 comment:

Muir said...

Adam Ants greatest hits!!! I listen to it all the time! Lubs me some Ant Music.