Sunday, September 03, 2006

I Pretty Much Suck....

This weekend, I got some unexpected transcription work. Like 12 or so hours worth, and I am slowly making my way through it. Luckily Rob has set up the laptop we have, so I can do it on that, in comfort. The sitting at the computer and trying to be comfortable for 8 hours in a row while typing like a mad woman, was gettng painful.

So of course I have not got my walks in and I feel like a big roll of crispy fat in jeans. Ughh. I do not think I have recovered from last week, which was way beyond hectic. And of course me being the slacker I am, I use this as an excuse not to get off my butt. Ack, ack, ack. I will somehow get my walk in today. It's either that , or not eating the rest of the day. And I love food. I would marry food if I could :)

So I wrote A. Noynmous last week. I basically told A they had a choice of either letting me know if I had somehow managed to piss them off, and if so, tell me to fuck off, or if I was completely wrong on that, please let me know what was up. As usual, I have not heard back from A. I may change the assumed name from A. Noynmous, to A. Sshole. As I am getting ever so impatient at the dilly dallying. I just do not get how it is so hard to write a five word e mail. You know one of two version:
I hate you, fuck off. -or- I will write more later.

That is all I ask. Is it too much to ask? Am I being unreasonable? Apparently I am , or else I would have gotten an email already with one of those as the message.

Yes I am obsessing. No I have no freaking idea why, other then I thought this person was someone they have turned out not to be. People, can't live with em, can't get a hold of em.

In other "people who ignore me" news, I have written another couple of friends and gotten no response. It is about courtesy people. If you are busy I get that, but a quick one or two sentence e mail telling me that, goes a long fucking way in my book. If say your significant other thinks I am the anti-christ, which I do not denying resembling, then let me know for fucks sake. If you are busy busy with your work, and you have very little time to respond to me, let me know for fucks sake. Really, I hate this shit of, let's talk and talk and talk, and then all of a sudden, nothing, nada, zip. It irritates me, and also plays on my paranoia about being used, or being a convenient ear only when needed, and that I am not useful for anything else. And it is rude, and annoys the living shit out of me, hence me portraying a sailor in this entry, i.e. the cursing.

Well I have ranted and raved enough I think, although can one ever really rant and rave enough?

Regardless, I have work to do. So I will go do it, so I can get paid on Tuesday, and then maybe fall into a coma for a couple days to catch up on my sleep. Or not.

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