Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Ass Hurts...

I knew that line would get you to look. It does in fact hurt, but more to the point it is my tail bone. Riding a bike for 7 miles does that to me.

So I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to drop weight. I am watching what I eat, although not so strictly that I cannot have a treat. I am walking/jogging/biking at least 5 days a week. And yet, I have not lost a pound. What else can I do?

I fill up on salad--mostly lettuce and carrot, a sprinkle of bacon bits, and no more then the serving size suggested of salad dressing, and a sprinkle of croƻtons. I am not eating junk all day long. I try to get in protein. I try to get in good fats, like olive oil. I use butter, not margarine, but I don't use gobs. I make my own bread so I know what goes in it, and I limit myself. I snack on rice cakes--50 calories, and usually only one a day. I drink unsweetened iced tea, a lot. I do allow myself a soda at night, but I am not gulping it during the day the way I used to.

Damn it this totally blows. I am doing things right and yet, I seem to not be able to drop any weight. I am almost tempted to going back to not eating, because that is how I dropped 50. I would have one meal a day.

I am obviously having a horrible image week. All I see when I look in the mirror, is a gargantuan glob of a person. It sucks.


Muir said...

You are being too hard on yourself. That's why I hat scales. I would rather gauge my "weight loss" on the fit of my clothes because with all the exercise, you are bound to be gaining muscle which as we all know weighs more than fat. Be proud of the fact that you are becoming a more healthy person. And by the way, (and I may have only met you one time), you look good (don't take that in a weird way). You aren't fat or anything of the sort. I understand about having a poor self-image but never take it too seriously because we are our own worst enemy. Be proud of all that you have accomplished and feel good about that! Not what some stupid scale says. Seriously.

Muir said...

By the way, I HATE scales. Not hat them. Hee!

robyn said...


You are too nice!

I was having a brief pity party. And I didn't take that in any weird way. I am trying to remind myself, it is not the number so much as it is how healthy you are. And my clothes are fitting differently, but that is one day, and the next they fit different from that. I think the whole early menopause thing is really screwing with me!

And yes I hate the scale, I should throw it away.

Thank you for being so kind! You rock!