Saturday, September 09, 2006

My back, part duex....

Ok, for two days it has felt better. Now it is feeling really stiff and mostly it just pisses me off. So I have popped an anti-inflammatory. Hopefully it kicks in. In reality, I know it won't.

So I have been patiently waiting for a vital piece of mail to show up, so this whole knee drama can be settled for once and for all.

Let me preface it by saying that I had last week received the wrong info, and called TRI-HEALTH to rectify the situation, and get the itemized information I needed. They assured me they were sending out the correct copy. All week I waited, with baited breath. All.Week.Long.

I get the mail yesterday and find the envelope from the assholes, and low and behold they have sent me the wrong info yet again. Now here is the problem, I get my mail late in the day, never before 4 in the afternoon. Also I need to have all of this wrapped up by 25, because if it isn't it has to be filed in court by the 27.

So I called the jerks at TRI-HEALTH, only to find out that people go home at 4 on Friday at this fine company. There were no supervisors around. None. You have no idea how pissed off I am.

I was literally in tears yesterday.

So come Monday I am giving all my info to my lawyer and telling him to go after them too, or to have the offending parties we are currently dealing with go after them, or have the insurance company go after them, since there is no doubt in my mind TRI-HEALTH most likely triple billed them for something.

Why are people so fucking dense? I hate customer service people sometimes. I swear monkey's would do a better job.

Ok, now I must use the heating pad on my back, like an old person.


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