Thursday, September 07, 2006

So, I Got A Weird Phone Call..........

Ok, so here is the deal, someone, told people in my family that my child stabbed someone in the eye with a pencil during school last year. The person who said this is also a family member.

I heard about this at my grandma's funeral, and instead of making a KLASSY white trash scene at the funeral about it, I waited and talked to her boss, because, she works at my sons school.

She is a nosy gossip, who has never been able to keep her trap shut, so I have no doubt she said something. Her boss, the principal, talked to her today. I got a phone call tonight from her.

I guess she thought I would care what she had to say to me.

I didn't.

I guess she thought I would cower and apologize.

I didn't.

I guess she thought I would somehow feels sorry for her punk ass.

I don't.

Get this, she said she is the victim. Um, try again, I mean I know you think you are, but really, my son, the person you spread vicious shit about, is the victim.

You feel bad because your ass got caught. Not because you didn't do it, but because you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

I got the standard "I feel sorry for you if that is how you think the world is" speech. To which I replied, "I get the feeling you feel sorry for a lot of people who aren't you."

Stupid twat.

Oh yeah she is my aunt, nice eh?


Mike The Destroy of Hope and Crusher of Dreams!!!! said...

Death to the Evil Aunt of Retardation!!

robyn said...


You so funny!