Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rearranging The House....

So we are thinking about moving things in the house a bit. Where we currently have the computers, is what was intended to be the dining room. It is off the kitchen and the garage. Big open area.

What we are thinking about doing, is moving the computers into what is now the toy room.

Of course this means I have to go through all the toys. Get rid of stuff that he no longer plays with. I will be giving the majority of it to an orphanage that we give stuff to. Some of it I will be asking friends if they want things, because some of this stuff is really too big and just too good to send to the orphanage. Like say a little tykes table. That thing is awesome.

The stove is just about done, it is hooked up to the gas, so technically it is done that way, but Rob's dad is rewiring the light fixtures that go on it, and I just got done cleaning all the back parts that i couldn't get to earlier. I am ready to go back to bed :)

Once it is installed, and ready to go, I am going to take a pic of it and post it to the blog!

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