Monday, September 11, 2006

Oye, It's Monday...

I knew today would be, well, not great. Spenser is having one hell of a time adjusting to the Topamax. He is just so difficult right now I want to pull my hair out. I had to run down and pick up the itemized bill from TRI-HEALTH, since they were incapable of doing it.

On the way back I had to get Spenser from school, because, you guessed it, he was having a really hard time of it.

So I didn't get a break from his royal highness. I just wanted the break that school ensures I get. I don't think this week is the week for it.

My mom is having surgery on Wednesday to get a bunion taken care. I will be keeping my eye on how that works out for her, since I have one as well. It is not huge, but it is there. Cannot escape genetics I tell ya.

I am just drained. Completely 100% drained. Not a drop left in me to give, which sucks. I need to run away, lol. If only it were that easy, eh?

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