Monday, September 25, 2006


So I have more transcription work to do. I have 3 twenty some odd minute interviews to transcribe before Wednesday. So this evening I will be a busy little bee. I want to knock out at least 2 of them this evening and get a start on the third. Who knows if it will happen that way.

Luckily, I have already started cleaning the house like a mad woman, steam cleaned the carpets--ick, I so need to do that about once a week. Not because they look bad, but because you would not believe all of the dog hair it pulls out of the carpet, and then how bright that makes everything look.

I have almost all of the laundry caught up. Whoopdeedo. I hate laundry.

I have de-clutter before Saturday, which will be the big thing, because I am a natural born pack rat. I hate throwing shit away. I just do. I blame this on my father, he is the same way.

I need to go to the dollar store, because I am cheap, to get a new indoor trash can that doesn't shred garbage bags, and get a container to put all of Spenser's grade two stuff in. Yes I am talking those big storage bins. To be honest it will be grades two and three. But they do in fact get filled to the tippy top, and no I cannot throw any of it away, because well I can't. I am a sentimental twit, ok?

In the past couple weeks I have droned on and on about how a certain person I considered a friend, has all but ditched me. Well nothing has changed on that front so I am trying to let it go. Let all the disappointment of being ditched, float away like flotsam on the tide. I still am very disappointed that things are the way they are, but there is nothing I can do. I have written and practically begged them to tell me what the hell I did, or didn't do, and just to let them know that even if they no longer wish to speak to me, for whatever reason, that is fine, but for the love of everything holy, just tell me to fuck off then. (holy run on sentence Batman!) Yeah, still have not got that either. I have an idea that this person wanted more from me then I could give them, and so has decided to just break off all contact. Which makes me feel really bad for them. Really really really bad for them. Arghhhh.

On the positive side of the coin, Spenser seems to be doing ok right now. Though yesterday was a rough one, he was tired, and coming down with a cold, that he woke up coughing from this morning. He goes to the docs on Wednesday for a physical. This physical is to rule out any actual physical issues, to make sure that it is in fact bipolar from which he suffers, and say not a thyroid issue, or brain tumor. Yes the school nurse said I should have him Cat scanned, or MRI'd, to rule out a tumor that causes his behavior. Yeah, I don't think so. Blood work will suck as it is, I will most likely have to have him held down for that, and then kiss his ass for the rest of the afternoon afterwards. Sigh. Not looking forward to that. Maybe the doc will actually put him on flonase, or some other sinus med, since he has the dreaded Cincinnati sniffles. But then that would be yet another thing to take. Cannot wait to hear how horrible a parent I am for letting him become overweight. Not that I can really control that all that much. But I am sure I will hear that he is obese, which he probably is, and that he needs a diet, which will not work since he is not really eating all that much now, and the Depakote actually really screws with your metabolism. Can you tell that I am not looking forward to this? Oh well, I will put on my happy face for Spenser, and we will get through it.

Well more bitching later I guess!

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