Monday, September 25, 2006

Again With The Mis-Information!!!

Good golly. Why people never check facts is beyond me. And by people I mean reporters. There are honest news agencies (hahahha, I know oxymoron!) reporting this. I mean I am one who likes to read gossip, but as soon as it is refuted by the person, you know I think that means it is settled.

There are sooooooo many reports now that The Man is going to play Steve Irwin in a biopic movie, ack!!!

The Man has already said, no, that is not true. Yet it keeps getting spread around.

Imagine my surprise when I found it on one of the gossip message boards I read. So I corrected it!

It is a very interesting board. I love reading there.

Here you go, this is the thread, I am sure you can figure out who I am!

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