Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why I Can't Home School The Male Child....

Aside from the fact that I am selfish bitch who needs time away from him, there are many other reasons.

One, I have no clue how to go about teaching. The thought of trying to intentionally teach him something on a time line, makes me want to hyper ventilate.

Two, I know that I would have the hardest time keeping his concentration.

Three, he would argue with me constantly, which would not be a good learning environment.

Four, I am lazy. Very, very lazy. It would quite honestly take a hell of a lot more effort then i could ever hope to give.

Five, I need me time. Seriously. If I don't get the alone time, I go nutters. Literally nutters.

Six, he needs socialization. At school, he gets that. He also gets to see that people will not cater to his every whim. Only like 95% of them.

Seven, I need my alone time. See number five for the details.

Eight, I am not smart enough to be a teacher, let alone his teacher. I know this, and knowing this makes me realize I am very happy that I am not a teacher, because I would hate to be reminded daily that I am a dumb shit.

More later. We must go take our walk.

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