Sunday, October 15, 2006

Drats, Foiled Again...

Well my grand plan to dress as a bombshell for the Halloween party has gone up in smoke.

Like a fucking blaze of glory it is nothing but shadows and dust now.

They simply do not make clothes to fit someone with my body shape.

I had found the perfect dress, and it would have looked really good on me, except for one itty bitty thing: It would not accommodate my boobs.

Do you know how frustrating that is?

In a society that puts a huge amount of focus on how big a woman's knockers are, to the point that women go out and buy fake tits, to not be able to find fashionable clothes that fit them, irritates the living shit out of me.

I cannot go to Victoria's Secret and buy a bra that fits.

I can't buy shirts that are fashionable, because they will not fit.

Hell I can't go to most stores and find anything to fit my chest.

So I ended up leaving the mall, and getting in the car and crying on the way home.

It makes me feel absolutely disgusting to not be able to fit into something that I liked.

That was a size L.

It doesn't matter that it fit ever other part of my body with room to spare, I still feel huge and gross, because I couldn't get a damn dress to zip around my boobs.

So I am having a horrible self image day. I feel fat, and unattractive. All because of a stupid, stupid dress.



Kathy said...

why don't you buy a size larger(yikes, I know) then have it taken in around that teeny tiny waist of yours. That way it will fit those gigantic breastses'of yours. :-)

robyn said...

Ah, but see that was the largest size they carried. Which is often how it works out for me.

It just pisses me off and reinforces that if you are not a size zero, you are somehow less then attractive. You know what I mean?

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