Monday, October 09, 2006

I'm A Big Ass Slacker....

So for the past week I have been dreadfully ill. To the point where I seriously thought I was getting shingles again. Apparently my skin will just flare into hot spots whenever I get ill from now until the day I croak. Lovely.

so I have totally slacked off on the whole exercise thing, as I was barely able to move off the couch at all last week. It starts again in earnest tomorrow, biking and then I am adding weight lifting as well. Not a lot of weight, but enough that I start to get definition. Maybe push ups as well. Need to get rid of the tummy tum.

So what does a declaration of love mean exactly? Does it mean that the person declaring loves you in a romantic sort of way? Or is it the general, I love you man, type of way?

Do you think people can have more then one love? Can you love more then one person at a time?

I think you can. I think the idea of polyamory is a very real idea. I think you can love more then one person at a time. Romantically. I mean obviously we all love our families and such, but I am talking about being in love with someone.

I think we have soul mates too. Although I really think there is only one soul mate for you. Not sure why, but that is just what I feel.

I go to a certain forum, and read, and sometimes post. Very rarely, but sometimes I cannot in fact hold my tongue. Now normally I think these women are a pretty smart bunch of women, who are not exceedingly judgmental. I guess I was a bit Pollyanna on that. There was a thread started about polyamory. OMG.

You would have thought it was a thread about prostitution. Good lord. You had women calling people who practice this whores. Yeah, I don't get it. The definition of the word is many loves. Not many fucks, multiple fucks, or group fucks. Which is what most would equate with whoring. Just surprised me.

I am pretty sure if they knew of my personal life, they would label me as a whore, or whatever other derogatory word they find to be appropriate in detail. Blows my mind how hung up on sex people get. And then just how vicious they get because of their own personal hang ups.

Oh well. What the hell do I know?

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