Saturday, October 07, 2006

Life Is Strange

I am flabbergasted, gobsmacked, and all around surprised by life some times.

Not that I have a huge amount of variety in my life that I have experienced, but I have been privy to some things and as always, I am surprised by people.

I am always surprised at the reactions people have to me. I mean, I am a no body.

Just a small town girl, who really is very plain to look at. I don't have fantastic eyes, or a great body. My hair, while I think it is nice, is not anything that I would gush about. I am just a girl from Ohio.

Yet, I tend to provoke strange emotional responses from people. Some of the stuff, if I wrote about it, like it was fiction, would never be believed.

Maybe it is because I am nice, or at least I think I am nice. Maybe it is because I actually listen to others, which not many people do anymore.

Whatever the reason, it strikes me as strange that a plain jane like me could evoke such strong emotions in people. Sometimes good, sometimes, not so good.

I am rambling, and not making any sense. Mostly because I am still gobsmacked!

Heh, sort of mysterious, no?

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