Wednesday, October 11, 2006

One Trip To The Head Doctor...

Spenser had his appointment today with his shrinky dink. It went very well, he actually spoke to the doctor. That makes two times in a row that the boy had actually talked to her. Which is why I am not keen to switch to a different one. He is just now coming out of his shell with her.

We have decided to taper Spenser down on the depakote dosage and see if that will help stop the excessive weight gain the poor kid has had. This of course makes me very nervous. Who knows, maybe it will be fine and he will do great and everything will be hunky-dory. Somehow though I think we are going to have hiccups.

My freaking knee is killing me. It hurts straight down to the bone. It really hurts. It is a combo of a massive weather change, and biking yesterday. I pushed myself, and I can tell. Well my knee is going to have to get used to it, because I am on a mission. A mission to lose an ass or two!

I have transcription to do, which I will be doing this afternoon. So I may not be back to update today. I know you all will miss me. How ever will you live? Whatever will you do until I am back?


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