Monday, October 02, 2006

The Physical....

Did not go as badly as I expected. The doctor was friendly with Spenser, but sort of distant with me. I didn't get too much grief about Spenser's weight, but I was told that I had to help him get it under control.

Ok, sure. Easy peasy. Like I have not been trying already. As it is, he has lost three pounds since last week. I can't be sure if that is because he was ill or not. Oh well.

He is in the 75 percentile for height, which is cool, so he will not have to lose a lot to be back to where the docs want. Who knows though. I worry about it, because honestly he is not eating a lot, but his metabolism is next to nothing right now.

Anyway. I have transcription to do tonight, even though I am pretty sure I will pass out, I feel so bad. I need the money, so that in and of itself should help me stay awake. Heh.

Help me, I am drowning in snot. Ick.

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