Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Am Ill And My Son Is Being Difficult...

It is days like today that I question why it is that I wanted to have a child. I am ill and feel like shit anyway.

So the boy wonder decides it would be a great day to throw his bat shit crazy weight around and see how quickly he can in fact drive me mental. Wouldn't want to be left out of the crazy fun in this house, no sir.

I am bitter.

I am ticked off.

Most of all I am tired of fighting the same fight.

I am tired of being hit by my 93 pound four foot 2 inch child. Normally it is a tap and he will stop and think before becoming permanently stupid.

Today he decided stupid was in and really hit hard.

On the arm.

So I smacked his hand and swatted his ass. Made him sit on the floor, and I sat down before I lost my cool completely. He then said I had abused him by swatting said ass and smacking said hand.



Now he knows all the catch phrases. He is a smart boy, and I have no doubt when he is pissed off at me, he will say something like to the wrong(right) person and off he goes into foster care, and off I go into court. Can hardly wait.

I don't know what to do. He is a child. Do I call the police? Do I take and have him admitted to the nut hut for kids? Do I just ignore him?

I finally decided to ignore him, and off he went to his room. He is now asleep on the floor. Of course I told him to stay in the kitchen chair at the table so he could do his make up work from not being in school last week. He didn't.

I love being a parent.

Those of you who are childless, heed my tale of woe before deciding to have children. You never know what lottery jackpot you will hit in the genetics category. I won, crazy, mean, rage filled, unreasonable, yet totally cute, loving when not insane, and smart. Killer combo, literally.

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