Saturday, October 28, 2006

So I Am On Different Drugs Now....

So yesterday I went to the shrink, so I could get help with how I have been feeling lately. It was a good visit. I am very happy. Well, you know what I mean.

Anyway we discussed many things, many things.

One of those was what I am currently on med wise. He said he thought I was being dosed wrong with the bupropion. So, we are backing off that, adding celexa, and seeing what happens.

Also because I am not really sleeping well, at all, he prescribed Ambien.

I started the Ambien last night, they way he prescribed--1/2 a tablet to start.

He said it would kick in, in about 20 minutes.

At 20 minutes, I was wondering if I needed to go take the other half, because I didn't feel anything. At 25 minutes, my eyes were glassy, according to Rob, and I looked like I was going to pass out, which I did as soon as the light was turned off.

I had rolled onto my belly, and, then passed out.

I didn't actually move again until about 5 in the morning when I suspect the Ambien was wearing off, and I rolled to my side. Do not remember any dreams at all. I don't think I have slept like that since, well, the only time I sleep that heavily is when I am under anesthesia for surgery.

I must remember to fall asleep on my side or back, because when sleeping on my tummy, my back sort of settles, which means when I get up, I am stiff as anything.

I woke up with out much of a med hang over, which is good, very, very good! Started the celexa this morning. Waiting to see what the hell happens with that.

Doctor was very funny, I asked about side effects, and he looked at me, serious like, and said:

"Well, your head explodes, your arms fall off and then your legs fall off. You know, normal everyday side effects like that."

I about peed my pants laughing. Yeah, I like the sense of humor. I think he will be a good thing for me.

Now I have to go do my nails and go get some things for my costume for the party tonight.


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