Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tomorrow Morning: The I.E.P. Meeting, Part 2.

Well tomorrow morning at 7:50, we have the second IEP meeting with the school. Spenser has been tested, and talked to and evaluated and on and on and on. So help me god if they deny him the IEP, I will go ape shit.

The child needs it in place for his own protection, not to mention every one else's. Still there is always a chance that they will get a wild hair up their bums and say nada to it.

I think I will also talk to the the idiot principal, who did not do as I asked when speaking with a particular aid, who is also my aunt. Because he is a total ass, he went and told the silly git everything I had asked him not to say.

Instead of making a general reminder to aids that confidentiality is needed, he went ahead and told her that I complain about her.

That then resulted in me being harassed over the phone for a good hour, by this stupid twat.

Gee Mr. Principal Man, thanks ever so much for being a complete and utter waste, and a total douche bag.

I wonder if he majored or minored in being a pussy? Because to me it would seem if he doesn't have a doctorate in it, he must have majored in it and got a masters in being a complete and total waste of time and space, not to mention being a bit "off", if you catch my meaning.

Anyway, that is what my tomorrow looks like. Well that and volunteering in the afternoon in the classroom. Lord help me. I am sure I will be a nervous wreck tomorrow morning, and then be spent by the afternoon. Please let the kids behave.

Oh yeah, anyone know anything about New Zealand? Like housing, job market, you know that kind of stuff?

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