Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Why The Repubs Bug Me....

Apparently even though I have never voted repub in my life, they think they should send me fliers. The one I got yesterday was appalling.

It had a picture of the New York City skyline, with 2 beams of light where the twin towers used to be, and then had the date of the attacks, and the date of the up coming elections with a caption that said something to the effect of the 2 most important dates ever. Bullshit. The attack date is important, but should never be used in election propaganda. So I wrote the dip shits a letter. Still waiting to get a response. Here is said letter:

To Whom This May Concern:

Imagine my surprise over the past weeks, when I open my mailbox, and find fliers from the NRCC. I say surprise, because I am not, nor have I ever been a republican. I find it highly ironic that I receive fliers from a party that seems to pride itself on dirty campaigning, whilst whining about how unfairly they are being treated.

I can honestly say, that the NRCC, as it is now, disgusts me. You have politicians who sling mud. I have heard things this campaign season that have literally turned my stomach, from, surprise surprise, the Republicans.
If you would like to have women in my age bracket, and socio-economic group vote for you, maybe you ought to try to behave like adults, and not spoil-sports. Maybe instead of slinging lies, and half truths, you should actually debate facts. Maybe you should make sure your most vocal supporters are not those like Rush Limbaugh, who publicly maligned someone with a terminal illness.

Maybe you should heed the constitution and the bill of rights, by keeping church and state separate. Maybe you should keep your noses out of my body, and let me decide what I should and should not have done, who I can and cannot marry, and whether or not I want my child to have a vaccine that does prevent certain types of cervical cancer.

Consider this:

Since the current president has been in office, our national debt has gone sky high and there seems to be no end in sight. The economy is in the crapper, and we have soldiers fighting and dying in a place for nothing more then a barrel of oil, which BTW, the little people, like me have paid dearly for. We have the presidents buddies getting richer and defrauding normal everyday, pay check to pay check people, all the while nothing is done. We have the vice president's company gouging the government with bogus charges from contracts they won. We have had our freedoms taken from us, because the president, well he has no concept of honoring the bill of rights, or the constitution. Strangely enough, the issue the republican party has touted this season is stem cell research. Not how we get our troops out of that desert hell we call Iraq. Not how to turn the economy around. Not how to rebuild New Orleans. Not even to take responsibility for any number of things.

you want my vote?

Then help impeach the person who has betrayed the public. The president.

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