Monday, November 06, 2006

I Knew Things Were Too Good To Be True...

Well last week was a great week for Spenser at school. I mean, he has not had a week that good in forever, probably since kindergarten. I didn't get any phone calls, he didn't meltdown. It was just an ideal week.

Today of course the bottom fell out, and in a big way. But I have to give props to the school, they got him to work through it and he did not have to come home early.

Apparently it was a humdinger of a meltdown, and he had to be put in the therapeutic hold, twice. He ended up kicking one of the teachers in his class, whom he normally just adores, and head butting the vice principal, who was doing the therapeutic hold.

Of course this is why we have the IEP in place, so when he loses it, he does not get punished for being ill.

Which he is.

Of course they have to report when there is an incidence, and so the idiot of a principal, who I have huge flaming issues with, thought he ought to be punished tomorrow, by taking his recess.

Luckily, Spenser has a team of educators who know this would set him way back. And set him off.

I do not get why this man continues to think this something Spenser can control, because in reality, he cannot. It is an illness that unfortunately manifests itself in this manner. Not pleasant, not nice, and something he doesn't like, but really cannot control at the moment.

When he got calmed down which took all of 2-5 minutes according to the vice principal, he was allowed to go back to his classroom.

At this point, the teacher gave him the option of going out to recess with the class, or staying indoors and doing some math work. Let him decide.

He decided to stay in and do math work. Recess to him is very important. He looks forward to it everyday. So for him to give up his recess, is a huge thing. They came to the conclusion, he was punishing himself for the outburst and the kicking and head butting.

I have to have him make apologies to the staff he lashed out at, if for no other reason, then to have him have a physical way to apologize, which is the best way for him to apologize. It is tangible.

It is never boring around here, ever.

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