Sunday, November 19, 2006

On My Last Freakin Nerve....

So this weekend, instead of go out and see a movie, or do something even remotely fun, I had to work.

Which is fine, because I like the money. The only thing is, I get a hell of a lot of attitude from my oh so pleasant husband.

That and the fact that I was basically told, or it was very strongly implied that I probably shouldn't do any more transcription, because obviously 2 jobs are too much for me to handle, and I am not a happy girl. Not.At.All.

I am to the point, where going away for an extended vacation away from him, and Spenser is sounding really, really sublime. Yep, I am apparently only good at doing one thing. Like house bitchery.

This past week, I have had to do transcription every day. It all had to be done a.s.a.p.

So I got it done as fast and as accurately as I could. That meant that I had little time for anything else.

Like deep house cleaning.

Picking the lint out of the dog's belly button. Making macramé pot holders. Ironing underwear,and wiping up after everyone else.

The laundry got behind. I admit, the house was not the most clean it has ever been. But, I made chili one day whilst working. I made beef bbq another day, whilst working. Oh yeah and I did a little thing called parenting, while, you got it, working. Shit I am ever the slacker.

However, someone wants a Nintendo Wii, and those things cost money. I am making money. Money that we could use to buy the Wii.

So this weekend I did upwards of 12 hours worth of transcribing. Watched three kids last night so Rob and a friend could go see the butt ugly James Bond.

And most likely because I didn't set the alarm, because you know it is ever so hard, and I am the only one who can do it, he missed his chance to get in line for the Wii. Apparently, that was my cardinal sin of the day.

Then we got into a "discussion" about things.

Needless to say, I am not happy, and he is acting like everything is hunky dory. Pisses me the hell off.

So after doing the work, I got to do the dishes, laundry and steam clean the carpets. He took a bath. Now he is going to watch movies with my brother. Fine. Whatever.

So I will yet again, make dinner, even if it is heating up leftovers. Get the child ready for bed and school, after he gets home from his friends house, and most likely do yet more laundry and dishes.

Then tonight, I am sure things will be expected to be normal, and I will be expected to be in a fine mood, and not at all irritated.

And you know what, fine.

What the fuck ever.

I am tired of being the only one in this house who is constantly told how horrible a person they are, how lazy I am, and then expected to do nothing smile like a damn fucking idiot.

I hate my life some days.


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