Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Bullies, Midgets, and Morons, Oh My!

A Christmas Tale if you will:

So dealing with said people is difficult enough for people without mental illness. Having to deal with said unsavory types, whilst mentally ill, damn near impossible.

So the situation is this:

There are certain people at someone's job, who are about as fucking flaky as a tray of croissants in a French bakery. When the said job started, all was good. Then things got into a groove, and the real personalities of said flakes came out.

In this scenario, you have the overbearing, melodramatic, dictatorial ass of a boss. You also have the mental midget, moronic, misogynistic, closeted friend of Dorothy twat who thinks they are also a boss. These two, relatives. Fruit of the loins so to speak. Ick.

Add in a dash of emotional abuse, not only between these two, and not in the way you would probably think, but also these two subjecting the employees to it as well, and you have what amounts to a bad situation.

So said jackasses have a Christmas party.

Said jackasses do not formally invite the employees.

Said jackasses mention that said Christmas party is such and such a date, which is maybe all of a week and a half away. People have made plans previously. Plans that cannot, and honestly should not be changed, since said jackasses cannot seem to understand why one actually invites people, formally, to a big party.

Said jackasses expect employees to be at said Christmas party.

Said jackasses, were wrong.

Here in lies a huge problem.

Said head jackass is a vindictive shit head.

Oh so very vindictive.

Said head jackass has worked themselves into a fine frothy lather about the not formally invited employees, not showing up to the party.

Said head jackass goes icy towards employees when said head jackass shows up to the office.

Then, like the coward they are, sends an email to at least one employee, berating them for not showing up.

Said head jackass, makes sure to send the email to the mentally ill employee, she knows is having problems at the moment.

Employee tells their spouse.

The spouse, who is brave and kind hearted normally, is ready to go scratch eyeballs out, and kick ass.

The spouse has told the employee to not engage the head jackass any further, and to call if said head jackass decides it is open season on them.

Spouse will take care of the issue.

Spouse doesn't give a shit about head jackass and the wrath of diminutive mental midgets, and back stabbing vindictive pricks.

Spouse will take care of said assholes, because spouse is tired of the bullshit.

Makes for an interesting story don't ya think?

Wonder how it will end?

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