Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Am A Lazy Bastard....

Christmas is in just over a week and I have no shopping done for it. I am so freaking behind, it's not even funny.

Oh well, I suppose I will get it done this week. Or not. I mainly just have to get for the boy wonder and a couple other kids. I am going to make edible things for adults, because honestly I am out of ideas about what to buy people.

Tonight we are going over to a friends for dinner and fun. Spenser is probably not going, because I need the break from him, and I don't want to have to worry about him picking fights with the other kids. The past couple days have been really, really difficult with him. Multiple meltdowns and rages. I have been socked in the mouth, bitten, and kicked in the past 3 days.


Seriously thought about taking said wonder boy to the ER and having him admitted to the nut hut. Rob went and talked about this issue with our shrink (we see the same one, and he rocks btw). Shrink said not to take him to the hospital, but to try to hand him off to the grandparents, because it would be more beneficial, and the long term effects would not be negative, unlike a stay at the nut hut. I can handle that.

So Spenser will most likely go to his grandma's tonight. Thank god both sets of grandparents love this child as much as they do, and take him frequently. I am so lucky, and even though I hate to used this word, blessed, to have such great parents, that includes Rob's parents, because I love them.

Alright I have go to the grocery store.


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