Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Sucks

You ever have that little voice in your head that is screaming at you to listen, yet you ignore it?

Yeah, I need to learn to listen to it more often.

I knew that Spenser would be volatile today, and so I let him sleep in. He went to bed late, which is never, ever a good thing.

He wanted to stay home from school, but I told him that if he did it would be a sick day, which means he wouldn't be able to play. He went to school.

He is having a bad, bad, bad day at school. I am worried. I am embarrassed. Mostly I feel like a fucking heel for sending him, when clearly I should have kept him home.

This being a parent is so hard, that I often feel like a complete failure. Not good. So very not good.

I may end up running and getting him from school early to minimize the damage he can do there. Of course that means that I will take the brunt of it, but I would rather that, then him getting booted from school. Because even though he has an IEP, I still worry about that happening.

Monday sucks monkey nuts.

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