Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Twas The Day After Christmas...

And all through the house, the toys of merriment were strewn all about.

Or something to that effect!

So yesterday was the biggest consumer day of the year. Christmas. Toys opened. Toys tossed here and there. Things everywhere, like ToysRUs vomited in the house. Yep, lots of stuff everywhere.

Spenser opened all of his gifts from us, which was a hell of a lot might I add, and the words out of his mouth after the last pressie unwrapped? And I didn't get an X-Box. Arghhh.

I have news for him, we are not getting an xbox. I hate the way the game cube turns him into the devil, so there is no way he is getting another gaming system that will test that theory again.

All in all I suppose it was a good Christmas.

No one ill. No one hurt.

I got a few presents. Well to be honest I only had one that I got to unwrap, from Robs parents. I love it. A bracelet with charms and earrings to match. That was my only wrapped present. Rob didn't have a chance to go out shopping for me. So he told me to go spend 150 on my mineral makeup.

Christmas just doesn't feel the way it used to you know?

The excitement for me is gone. And the only excitement I was looking forward to was Rob opening up the Wii I managed to get, but he found out about it before Christmas, so that surprise was trashed.


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