Wednesday, December 27, 2006

So I Have A Ton Of Transcription....

And by tons, I mean I have at least 20 hours worth. The bad thing is that it is not on a format that I can use for the laptop. It is on DVD and the laptop only has a cd drive, not dvd. I am trying how to copy it over to cd, but having no luck, which means I pretty much have to wait for Rob to do it for me. Sigh.

I would like to get this done this week, but as it is already Wednesday and tomorrow I have 2 appointments in the morning, that will take the whole morning, I am quickly running out of time. Ack, ack, and double ack.

Spenser is at my parents house, for which I am grateful, because he was getting on my very last nerve last night. We have started the weaning of the depakote, and while he still has meltdowns, they are not as intense, or as drawn out. Makes for an interesting change of pace. I am very curious as to how this whole thing will play out. Who knows.

Well I am going to return the slushie maker that doesn't in fact make slushies. Of course it would be handy to have the reciept but apparently I have lost that. DER.

More later!

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