Friday, January 05, 2007

Because The Gods Hate Me...

Today has been a day of frustration.

Rob felt ill all day, but had to go into work this morning, because a new person started. So I was concerned about him yakking at work on the new hire.

Then I started to do the transcription. The cd, was messed up. It kept locking up word evey time I got to the 2 minute and 30 second mark. I would then lose everything I had done.


So when Rob got home, I had him burn me a different copy of the meeting. That worked much better, until I got to the 13 minute part.

Then it locked up again and even though I had saved it religiously every minute or so, none of those saves showed up, when I went to open it back up, after alt, control, and deleting.


So I had to go in and figure out how to retrieve it, and luckily I could. I still have 30 minutes left to transcribe, which I had hoped to get done by this evening. I will be working on that, and then tomorrow the other cd's I have to transcribe.

Last night, I had an issue going tinkle.

Yes I said tinkle, so sue me.

Anyway, I thought I was getting yet another UTI/kidney infection. So I called the docs and they worked in me in this afternoon. They did the tinkle culture, and it was clear.


It dawned on me today that it probably was a kidney stone, since I had flank pain, severe flank pain, and the tinkle issue resolved last night.

The doctor agreed. Only I don't get any pain meds on the off chance I pass another one.

Also I get to screen or strain my tinkle.


Just what I like to do, not.

So I get to do that for the next however long. And if it doesn't get any better, I get to have a cat scan. Yippee.

I love having to spend so much money, because my body hates me. And yes that is what it feels like.

Currently I am trying to ditch a mongo headache, and not scratch the skin off my inside wrist. I have some weird rash there, the doctor was not concerned about it. Again my body saying screw you.

Love it. Really. Not.

My god I am a whiny bitch.

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K said...

OUCH, very painful! I hope you pass that stone soon. Girl, you need a break! Think warm, tropical thoughts. I hope you feel better soon. If I lived closer, I'd help you out so you wouldn't have to move........HUGS