Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Singer, Well New To Me!

So recently, Rob found a singer by the name of James Morrison, and had me listen to some of his music.

I love it!

I cannot say enough good things about this guy. He has a wonderful voice, reminds me somewhat of Stevie Wonder. He has this soulful quality to it, that is just so lush. I cannot imagine having such a great voice.

The lyrics of the songs are good too. I relate to them. I like relating to my music. Just makes it easier for me to sing to, or listen to.

I highly recommend him!

I have transcription to do today. Lots of it. Hopefully I won't fall asleep doing it, or have my eyeballs pop out of my head while doing it! I have a 40 some minute cd to transcribe. That will take a while. Mostly because it is an open mic in a large room with multiple people. Argh. Not good, and not easy.

Always amazes me how much can be said in a matter of seconds, let alone minutes. I dare you to transcribe, for shits and giggles, an interview. Be it a tv or radio interview. Remember to put the time on it, who is speaking. You have to do this every time the speaker changes. Time code it and tell who it is. Ayi, yi, yi.

I will try to write another blog later, but who knows if my brain will function!

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