Saturday, January 20, 2007

Still Ill Damn It All.

Hopefully I will be losing these damn stones soon, but alas and alack, I have not yet.

I go to the urologist on Tuesday. Who the hell knows what will come of that. My doctor called me back after I made a formal complaint about her lack of care through this whole thing. She apologized. I think I will give her one last shot. She called in darvocet and said to try that, because although it is a step down from percocet, some people find it works better. So far I am not as loopy, it takes the edge off the pain, but I am still hurting. So I will be calling back on Monday and letting her know.

Today is my mom's 60 th birthday! We are taking her out to lunch, and I got her a way cool Beatles purse and lanyard for work. Hopefully she will like them and use them. I thought they were pretty cool, but then again, I am also a weirdo. I was going to get her a larger purse but I am not sure she will use it, and I am not spending 65 on a purse to just sit. I will probably get the larger one for me.

Well I have to run now! Hopefully I will have more to post later!


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