Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mardi Gras/Dinner Party!

Was a great success.

Started off cleaning and getting the last supplies in the morning and early afternoon. Rob cooked all of the food, except for the King Cake, and the Beignets that I made.

He made:

Cajun red beans and rice.
Cheddar Garlic grits.
Cajun chicken.
Stuffed peppers-stuffed with andouille and sun dried tomatoes.
Mashed taters.

And a friend of ours brought some really fucking awesome jambalaya! It was awesome. All the food was great.

Half way through dinner Rob began to choke on a piece of chicken. Notice I did not make a joke out of that, even though I really really want to! Any way it lodged in his esophagus and he choked and yakked forever. Needless to say our appetites subsided! Poor guy.

Then we had the beads. I earned the most beads. Hehehehe.

It was awesome.

And the scavenger hunt. That?

That was so much fun it was probably illegal in many states! My team didn't win, but we came in second, which is fine with me.

After that the group of us, sat around playing a game called What The Fuck? Fun drinking game. I drank water! We did that until about 2:30. That is when the people started leaving.

At about 4:45, the last guest left, after helping us clean and chatting with us for a while. I didn't get to sleep until about
5:30-ish, and then woke at 8. Oh well. Sleep is over rated, right?

I am assuming I will be sleeping like a freaking log tonight. Which is fine. I am not so much tired right now, as just sort of worn out. I never quite realize how much work the dinner parties are, until we are in the midst of one. It is worth it however.

So to those who could not show up, damn did you miss one hell of a good time! Boobies, beads, and debauchery abounded.

Good times. Good times.

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