Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Power Outages Suck Monkey Balls

So last night, I decided at about 6, to take a shower, because well, I needed one. Anyway, I got the shower in, got dried, dressed, and my hair combed out, and then the power flickered. Twice. The third time, it went out. I was not amused.

So the house was pitch black. Outside was pitch black, but strange, because of the snow, so it was sort of shadowy. I found a bazillion candles and lit them. Made sure the gas oven was lit, because it does produce heat, and then tried to figure out what to do in the dark.

Spenser was not happy. In fact he was a bit freaked out. Was stuck to me like I had glued him there. It was a bit sad. We ate, because being the fortuitous person I am, I already had dinner in said lit oven. And then sat and listened to the damn ticking of the clock, and the creak and cracking of the iced over trees.

Occasionally we heard tree limbs fall. Sounded like some bounced off our roof, but luckily, there is/was no damage to the house. Got Spenser to bed at about 7:30, got him snuggled under about 5 blankets, and twiddled our thumbs.

I realized what a damn nerd I am last night. I wanted nothing more then to be on my computer. And have a light in the bathroom. We had a friend come over at about 9:30, and he ate some dinner, and then chatted for a while. He laughingly said the power would come back at 3, at which point the house would be lit up, TV's on, etc and so on. I laughed, because I honestly didn't think we would get power back until later.

At 3 this morning, on the dot, the power was back. I actually laughed out loud. It startled me, and so I was nauseated for the longest time. If I get startled awake that happens. Also because I hadn't taken my Ambien, in case anything happened during the night, I could not sleep. I woke every 20 minutes for the rest of the night.

This morning, we got to see the damage done. There are about 3 massive tree limbs in the back yard now. A tree in the very back looks to be uprooted, but it is small, so I am not worried. My magnolia tree on the side of the house is bent over touching the ground it is so weighted down. The burning bushes out front are weighted down, but they are all very pretty with all the ice sparkling like diamonds.

Now it is bitterly cold, like 6 degrees. So all of the ice will stay ice, and anything they managed to get melted today, will turn back to ice. The wind is blowing and I am slightly worried about trees falling on the house and the power going out again.

Oh yeah it is Valentine's Day. Whoopdeedo. I got Rob and Spenser cards. Just not one of those holidays we really celebrate.

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