Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I made the coolest cake for Spenser. It was a collaboration between Rob and I. He made the cake, I put it together, we both iced it, and I decorated it! It was great!

In other news, Saturday I had my procedure. My kidneys hurt worse now then they did before. It sucks.

My kidneys are killing me. I can feel them empty. They ache like someone beat me, and occasionally I feel like I am being stabbed just in the kidney.

So I called my rat bastard doctor yesterday to see what I should do, and the douche bag didn't call back until 7:30 at night. At which point he didn't actually listen to me, already had his mind made up that it was my back that was hurting and so he prescribed pain patches. Lidocain pain patches. Not good meds, but lidocain, like topical.

The pharmacist could not believe it, and said he didn't really think it would help, but you never know, but he wouldn't even bother. So I didn't get them. This morning I called and left another message explaining exactly how I was hurting and told them it is not muscle related, at all. Who knows. I am still on the pain meds, because I am hoping they tap out some of the pain, although it doesn't feel like it.

I will try to post more later. I feel woozy.

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