Saturday, February 10, 2007

So Cold!

So it feels like the arctic circle outside. I hate cold weather. I am a warm weather girl. I love warmth. Not hot, but warm. I will even take a little humidity. But it is butt freezing cold outside. It hasn't been over 30 degrees in what feels like weeks.

On tuesday we hade the white death, and school was out for two days. Ick. Totally threw Spenser off his game.

My knee started killing me yesterday, and I don't know why. Feels like my knee cap is catching my MCL. Which sucks major ass. God only knows why or what happened to make it hurt. All I know is I did not trip, fall, or pull it because I haven't even been walking really. Oh yeah the lard ass is back. Need to so lose at least 15 pounds, but the motivation is not there, and I am currently taking mass quantities of various pain killers for the stones that will not leave me be.

More tomorrow!

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