Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So Pissed

All I asked was to be able to take a quick shower while Rob was here. That's it. 5 to 10 minutes. I feel like a scuz bag right now, and just wanted to clean up before our friend gets here to drop off his kids. I just wanted 5 minutes. 10 tops.

But no. Rob gets all huffy puffy about it. Assumed I was driving his ass to work in this shitty weather. Assumed wrong and then didn't get why I was ticked.

Well let's see you snapped at me mother fucker, what did you expect, I was going to ask for another heaping helping of asshole? No don't think so.

This after he yells at me this morning because at some point during the night, the elliptical machine fell over on Spenser. Yes, that is dangerous. Which is why I don't like that the child sleeps in the toy room, right up against the base of the elliptical. So somehow that became my fault.

Yeah I love my fucking life. I love being blamed for every problem. I love being yelled at on a daily basis. It really reminds me what a wonderful fucking life I have.

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