Friday, March 30, 2007

Irony, Dear Sweet Irony,

Can kiss my ass.

I am tired of irony. In the literal sense. In the sense that it always plays a role in my life even if I don't invite it to. Sigh.

So yesterday morning, I had the car, and took Spenser out bummin. Fine, fine. Everything is good there. Went to Izzy's got Spenser lunch, got Rob lunch, and extra potato pancakes and pickles. Then I hauled my ass over to Rob's work, because he needed the car, to go to a meeting.

It was supposed to be a short meeting. Like 30 minutes long. It ended up going from 1 until 3.

Now during this time, I was taking apart the closet in my room, because it was old and cramped and well it sucked ass. I had gotten a Closet Maid closet system for a very good price, and decided that I was going to install that. The instructions were almost straight forward. Insert first problem. The instruction were not to me, at least crystal fucking clear, therefore I had some issues.

Insert second problem, while technically the closet system i bought was the correct size, I had forgotten that nothing in this house is even. Example of this? When we got new windows, the actual window cutouts, were crooked. Yep, the window installers had to make the window holes work, and or the new window work to fit in the space allotted.

Back to the closet.

I get everything the way Iwant, and then realize that I measured a bit off, even though I had used a measure, and a level. This I blame on the uneven of the house.

In the middle of this I go out to the kitchen where I have the mud dog hooked up so she doesn't coat the house in mood, and realize she has had a poop explosion.

So I am cleaning that up, when Rob calls to let me know he is on his way back to the office.

We are talking, and then I hear:

CRASH, BOOM, and then :

Oh Shit. Oh Shit. Someone just hit me. Rear ended me.

And then silence.

I freaked the fuck out.

The phone has gone dead on Rob's end. I am thinking he is either dead, or injured badly, or he has jumped out the car and is killing the person who hit him.

So I do the next logical thing. I call his office and tell them what is going on. I get connected to a person who tells me that the boss has also been in an accident.

He is actually telling the boss to shut up , shut and listen, I tell him he needs to make sure Rob isn't killing who ever hit him, now.

That is when he tells me that the person who caused the accident Rob has been in, was the boss. He quickly tells me he will find out how Rob is and call me back.

So here is what happened. Boss is on the phone driving, talking to person in office who shall remain nameless. They are arguing on the phone, because that is what they do, argue. She hits a minivan. That minivan hits Rob.

Did I mention this is on a major road?

And that the lane they are in the lane that is the turn lane to get on the interstate?

So they have a shit load of traffic backed up, Rob is the last person to get nailed, so every car that goes around the accident, and has to get on the highway is cutting it close to the front of my van.

He was afraid he would end up being clipped in the front as well.

So in essence he was rear ended by his boss. Who might i say, has not issued an apology.

We are going to have to get a new rear bumper and the tires aligned, but I think that is it. If you looked at the van you wouldn't see anything. It looks fine, drives fine. Which means the inside of the bumper took the impact.

Rob is sore.

BTW, I am having like a heart attack the entire time this is going on. The entire time. And putting the closet together. Rob went back to work, because it is a busy week, and shit needed done.

I told Rob the words:
Gosh my back is sore, and My boss hit my car bonus should be used a lot today. Guess we will see.

Oh yeah the closet, though rigged, is sturdy and looks nice, if a bit crooked! I am, well pleased?

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