Thursday, March 29, 2007


So today as part of the plan to keep Spenser under control, and say not fighting me, we are going to go out and do what my grandma called bummin.

Bummin is when you go out to stores for no other reason then to get out. Not necessarily to shop, but to have something to do rather then sitting at home, and doing a big fat nada.

So out we will go.

Not sure how long we will be out since Rob may or may not need the car this afternoon, and I may or may not need to medicate myself. My knee swelled up over night, courtesy of injuries of old, and the weather front moving through. Even with the Ambien and Valium, i tossed turned and moaned all.night.long. Enough that it drove Rob from the bed. Nice.

After I figure out what we are doing and after we get done, I will try to write more!


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