Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I Don't Understand Men

Aside from the very basics, I just don't understand them.

Take for instance, Rob. Right now he is not doing well. He won't tell me what is wrong, so I am terrified that I did something to cause him to feel not right. He is cranky, and irritable. Sad and tired. Just not Rob, well not the Rob from a few days ago. I just don't get it. What happened in two days time that he went from someone who had life in their eyes, to being someone who looks like he is empty?

He stayed home from work today, because he is obviously not well. He slept all day, which is fine I guess. I don't know. Something is just not right. I am frustrated that can't figure it out.

Then there is someone I am close to who refuses to communicate in an effective manner and it is pissing me off. Well ok, frustrating me, because I don't know whether to call him on it, or just let it go. I don't understand the lack of ability to communicate. Say what you feel. Say what you mean. Mean what you feel.

Ayi, yi yi.

I am frustrated, very very frustrated.

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