Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Love My Car Insurance

I just love them. Progressive rocks!

So last week I posted how Rob got rear-ended by his boss. And that there was a bit of damage, which I thought that would result in a new bumper. I called my agent and and she said to call my insurance company, because they like to know these things.

I called them, and they assigned me a claims person. This person took statements, and got in touch with the other insurance, got the police report, and got the car in to be fixed. I got a rental and my deductible, obviously, waived. I took the van in on Monday, and they had it done last night. So I got it today.

My van was perfect. They washed it, waxed and even shined the tires up. It drives perfect, and I have to say this has been the best accident experience ever.

The best part, the other insurance, for the person causing the accident, accepted full liability. I am so thrilled to have my van back. I hated the rental, it sucked ass.

It was a Pontiac grand prix. I like to call it the Pontiac grand pos. It was a 2007, and the thing knocked and shuddered when I would turn it off. It handled poorly, and I just didn't like it. Sucked the gas too.

So I am happy. I have my van back. My birthday party is coming up, and even though the weather is going to suck, so go-carting is going to be impossible, we can still do the batting cages!

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