Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Of Scavenger Hunts and Music Videos!

So I am in the process of writing up a photo scavenger hunt for Saturday. We are having a small dinner party, and this time I told Rob I would take care of the hunt. He has never got to participate in it, because he has always made them. I just hope people will think it is fun. I am of course worried they will think it is stoooopid.

TOFOG has a new video up on their MySpace page. I actually squealed with delight as I watched it. Lots of shots of Dean in this one. And of course the man. Not quite sure why they are in a barn, but it's all good.

I am preparing for the dissection of Robyn. Otherwise known as surgery. Nervousness is starting to get me. And my brain is not working right now. Hopefully I will have a nice and witty post later!


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