Monday, May 21, 2007

My Boobs Are Bruised...

So yesterday I made dinner and dessert for friends and us. I made marinated chicken, Parmesan, sun dried tomato and garlic slow cooked rice, and corn. For dessert I made cupcakes and yummy whipped frosting. OMG, so good!

So I made all of that, and after dinner I got to toss a football with Phred. Now, I may be imaging things, but I am certain that this was his equivalent of foreplay. Which is fine with me, but I find it funny, because it is literally like the little boy in kindergarten who chases the little girl, and then hits her. Because he likes her, but doesn't want to admit it. heh.

Anyway, we were tossing the football, and my god he was throwing it so hard, that several times he nailed me right in the tits. I thought they might fall off, or be pushed all the way backwards, so I had boobs on my back. My arms got all red, my foot, my tummy. Literally anywhere the ball landed, my body reddened.

My tits, well they are bruised. I have marks, that once they get a little time to them, will be bruises shaped like football laces. Heh.

I love tossing though. There is something supremely soothing about being able to spiral the ball to someone. Especially as a girl. Because most men think girls can't. I can. My brother and father taught me well. I do not throw like a girl, even if the twins get in the way!


I am happy for now!

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