Saturday, May 26, 2007


This is the first day since the surgery that I have gotten up enough to actually post at the blog. I am still on Percocet for right now. Which is probably a good thing. I have not noticed too much gas from this laparoscopy, which is a good thing. Only a pain here and there.

So what did they find?

I had adhesions. At least 5 or 6. On my bowels. On my right side. On my left side. Basically the endo did come back, and I was right. Hopefully this will take care of the problem. Always trust your intuition. It took me a while to stop and listen to mine, but once I did, I knew that was what was going on.

Hopefully this will buy me a few more years of pain free living. I fully understand that I will have to undergo this procedure periodically for the rest of my life, but that is what you have to live with, when you have a disease that continues to grow, no matter what you do. And you know, I don't regret my hysterectomy at all. Having that gave me 2 glorious pain free years. I would gladly go in for routine laps, if it meant that I was going to be generally pain free!

I am happy. I am not crazy, and I am using this as my new jumping point to get back to life and living it!

Of course this could be the percocet talking! I am just so thrilled it was only the endo, and not cancer. Yes I thought about it. I was planning for the worst case scenario. Thankfully I dodged that bullet again!

I am loving life right now!

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