Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday, One Day From Friday, Woo Hiddly Hoo!

I have decided that this week has been female in nature, because it has been a bitch. Maybe that makes me sexist, feminist, whatever. Mostly it just pisses me off.

Apparently I am quite ego-centric.

Which I guess I knew at some level, but you know you never want to be told that. I like to think I am a giver. But apparently I must not be.

My thought process is that I care for people, I want them to be happy. If they happen to get ticked at me, obviously I have failed, and have to try harder to help them be happy. I don't know why. Maybe it is because life is much more pleasant for me when everyone is happy. Maybe I just love so much that I want those I love to experience happiness.

Apparently though, that is somehow ego-centric. So now I will be analyzing everything I do, to make sure I am not doing for a selfish reason. Argh.

(have you noticed that in analyze/analyzing, it is essentially ANALyZING, or Analyze? That amuses me.)

Listening to the new Natasha Bedingfield album, cd, whatever you call them now days. I like her. She also reminds me of someone. Heh. He could not get her name right, which amused the shit out of me.

Alright enough pissing and moaning.

Viva La Thursday! For it's only one day till Viva La Friday!

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