Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Weekend Was Good!

So this past weekend, was our friend T's birthday. He has had a hard year, very hard, and so I thought it important that he have a great birthday this year.

So I got him what I thought would be a great gift, planned dinner, made the best cake ever, and planned out some fun activities during the day.

It was his soon to be ex's weekend to have the kiddos, but of course that didn't happen. She had to "work".

Fine whatever.

That of course meant we really couldn't go out for his birthday with all of the friends. No biggie, he was and so were we all happy to stay in and do dinner and chit chat and have the kids run around for the evening. During the day, Rob watched the kids so I could go get him pampered.

So for his gift I got him a massage.

We had been talking a couple weeks back, and he had mentioned how he had been thinking of getting one, because everyone told him how nice they are.

So I got him a gift certificate for a massage, and made the appointment. I also planned to drive him to and fro, because I knew he would be too relaxed to drive after. I didn't tell him where we were going. I actually told him I got him a high colonic for his birthday. Hehe, I am so bad! Ick. So he really wasn't too sure what was going to happen.

Anyway, he had the message and liked it a lot more then he thought he would! Yippee for me.

Then I took him to lunch at Claddagh where we sat outside and talked for about 2 hours. Ate lunch, he had a couple beers, and it was great. It felt wonderful to have an adult conversation, with no interruption. He was so relaxed and it was a wonderful day out. I got a little sun. Very cool!

Then I took him to the driving range. I totally blow at it. He is better. I used his clubs. He is 6 foot 3 or so. I am 5 foot 1. I am sure it looked weird!

Then came dinner and friends and a cake. I made a bikini cake for him. Turned out great, but of course the only pictures I have of it are on my phone, because I forgot to take pics with my camera. Gah. So I will upload those in a while!

Anyway, it was so great to be able to do that for him. I know it made Rob and I feel good that he could relax finally! And to let him know he is not alone, and he has a lot of people who love him.

Good times. Good times.


platonicideal said...

Did you leave out anything :-) ?

robyn said...

Maybe, but I'll never tellllll! At least not in public!