Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Extra Children Are Gone...

They went home this afternoon. Sigh.

It was a glimpse of how things could have been if we had more kids, well more "normal" kids. Which wouldn't have happened in a million years I am sure. Heh.

Anyway, all three got along famously. There were no arguments, no fights, and they did as I asked with little to no talk back. It was amazing. For three days I had three kids. Two boys and a little girl. Fucking awesome.

So today because they were all so good I got them treats. Sure I probably went a little over the top, but fuck it, you live once, you might as well do what you want, within reason.

I got the boys the same game for their DS's. So they could play them together. Got baby girl a back pack with Barbie Pretend Makeup. It is what she wanted. She is into pretend so it works well for her.

I am sure Dad will not be happy with me, but screw it. They were good, and it was my prerogative to do that for them. Lord knows they could use a little spoiling with everything going on right now.

In totally unrelated news, the dog just clawed the shit out of my leg. Sigh. I am off to find a latex free band aid.

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