Friday, May 04, 2007

You Couldn't Make This Shit up...

So I have to have surgery for the never ending abdominal pain that is not caused by my kidney stones. That happens on the 24th. Today I had the pre surgical check up, which included a blood draw, fun. My veins do not cooperate. I thought they rolled. The nurse said I had tiny veins. However she managed to get blood on the first poke. I already have a bruise.

Wednesday I had an orthodontist appointment. They changed out the wire on the bottom, new elastics, and re-cemented the retainer on the back of my top teeth. When they put the new wire in, they always make it bigger then they need to at first. Which means they have to fucking clip it with some utensil that looks like a wire cutter. Ick.

So she did the the right side. Fine, no problem.

Then she did the left side. It sounded and felt different. I chalked it up to not having been in a while.

So on Thursday when my teeth still hurt, and my head felt as though someone were taking a fucking hammer to it, I thought, hmmm, this isn't right.

I looked in the mirror and saw what I thought was a piece of dried cherry on my back tooth, with no bracket on it. My very back jaw teeth on the top and bottom are brace free, always have been.

So I picked at it, thinking it would come off.


Then I really looked at it. That was a piece chipped out of my tooth. And there is a crack running up and down through the tooth.


My fucking tooth is fucking cracked. I called the ortho and left a message. Today it hurts pretty fucking bad, hence me using fuck every other word. So I called their emergency number. I was promptly told to call my dentist, and that they couldn't take responsibility for it.

Nice. So I called my dentist. He is supposed to call in antibiotics and vicodin. Yet again on narcotics.

I fucking give up. I couldn't make this shit up and have you believe it, yet it happens to me. One thing after another. And there is yet more going on that I am in the midst of processing, so I can't write about it right now. I am just miserable.

Fucking, tooth cracked, head splitting, heart in flux miserable.


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