Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Trying To Lose 20 pounds of Ass...

Well ok, not all ass. But it feels that way.

I am in serious need of dropping weight. My goal is 20 pounds. It has ever so slowly crept back on, and I just cannot stand myself anymore. So I will be watching my portions again. Walking. And doing the elliptical.

Hopefully I will be able to keep on track again. So that at the very least I stay at a comfortable weight for me. I am not looking for 6 pack abs, or anything. I just want to tone and get back to where I was even a year ago.

Went to the shrink yesterday. We upped the Wellbutrin. Hopefully that will help pull me out of my funk. And hopefully it will also help combat the almost constant urge to eat that I have had.

I am also de-cluttering my house. I hate doing it, but I like the end results. I am tired of living in clutter so I am just going to start tossing shit. Well, charity, and toss the garbage. Wish me luck, I am a huge pack rat.

Today I did the room that Spenser used to sleep in. I got rid of two garbage bags worth of junk. Moved the elliptical in, and set it up so I can actually use it. Tomorrow I plan to go through my dresser and get rid of all the stuff I don't wear. Maybe I will be able to get rid of a dresser, and therefore free up room in the bedroom. We just have too much. Thursday I am going through all of Spenser's toys. Friday all of his books. Next week, all of my paperwork that I need to shred, my desk, and the other rooms in the house. I want an un-cluttered life.

Keep those fingers crossed!

Off to elliptical it! Heh.

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