Monday, July 16, 2007

Weight Loss...Again

So we have a bit of a contest going on right now. By we, I mean my bestest friend, Annita, Rob, Tod and I. Who ever loses 20 pounds first wins.

I have lost about 4 pound (at least as of Friday) since last Wednesday. I really want to win, not just so I can say I won, but also because I want to lose the 20 that have crept up on me. I feel as if I have 3 asses, and more rolls then a bakery. Damn it I have clothes that are too small now, and they are clothes I like. My goal is 129. So you can obviously figure out where I am/was when this challenge started. If I lose that, I should be back to a solid size 8. It would be smaller but I have the Frankentummy thing going on. So keep your fingers crossed that I can accomplish the goal, and better yet, keep the weight off.

In other Robyn news, I had massive amounts of transcription over the weekend. Thank god. I have a love hate relationship with it. I love the money, hate having to get it done. However the one I did yesterday was actually a transcript of a doctor doing a lung cancer surgery, or lobectomy. It was so freaking cool. I love that shit. I could hear the machines beeping in the background, and the ventilator going. Just things you don't normally hear. It made for an interesting transcription.

I made a birthday cake for the little girl next door. Well one of the little girls next door. And actually it was five cakes. I know what you are thinking, five cakes???? Well I made four small doll cakes--you know the ones where you stick like a Barbie doll down into the cake, and the icing becomes the dress for the doll? I made four small doll cakes. There were enough doll cakes for every girl there. And then one 9 inch round cake for the candles to go in.

I was very pleased at how they turned out. However, because I am an idiot, I forgot to take pictures. Der. What can I say?

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