Thursday, August 23, 2007

Our Tax Dollars At Work....Part 2

This would be the second letter I have sent in as many days. This time, it is to the I Team reporter, Hagit Limor. Heh. Anything in this is public record btw, so no twisting panties, ok?


I want to thank you for your prompt reply and add a little something!

While we applaud the strenuous efforts of Mr. Stoker to promote his subjective vision of beauty and aesthetically pleasing landscapes, especially his dogged determination in going after households with a single mother* of four whose former husband put a gun to her head because she was spending too much time at work (to support the family) and a family with a mentally ill (and very time consuming child) we wonder what other scofflaws Mr. Stoker might be going after next.

Perhaps he reserves city letterhead for the people who wear white after labor day?

Or the always entertaining but unsightly morbidly obese people in lime green polyester pantsuits.

Or surely he has a chosen people already designated to feel the mighty blow of his pen for following the city's laws and keeping their garbage in a receptacle, but a receptacle that is a color or shade not on his chosen and undeclared spectrum?

We also applaud his determined and proud defiance of simple education to ensure himself that the malefactors following the city's garbage pickup schedule are cited within days of placing their garbage neatly beside the house rather than keeping it inside, where they could wallow like the pigs they are, content that they had not offended Mr. Stoker's vision for the city.**

He is following in the proud footsteps of our current administration in their pit bull-like hold on self-willed blindness and ignorance and establishing a bar that others will be hard pressed to exceed (unlike former mayor Lee Skierkiewicz who apparently never met a bar he wasn't willing to cozy up to, with other people's funds.***).

Mr. Stoker is an iconoclast, a proud winner of the SWOBOA Building Official of the year for 2000, who pursues international excellence for building codes by meeting with officials from Egypt and Afghanistan, perhaps sharing with them his ideas for citations for a sand-blasted appearance of buildings after wind storms or debris in the yard after guerrilla or allied bomb attacks.

He is certainly an inspiration to everyone who has dreamed of abusing whatever little power one has in one's own arena: the barista who uses whole instead of skim milk, the traffic director for a utility company that makes the Mercedes wait longer before his or her red flag waves them on, the office manager that refuses to let anyone use a non number 2 pencil.

Tragically, as he lives the dream, it is on my dime and those of the others he capriciously persecutes. While we do not have the ability to fire the barista operator I wonder if it is time to exercise our right to get rid of Mr. Stoker and put an end to his reign of error.

*One can plainly see in the Liberty Township Public Minutes that Mr. Stoker is against single mothers with children living anywhere around him:

**I find all of this ironic, considering he does not even live in the City of Loveland:
Gerald Stoker

Lee Skierkiewicz has four files on Hamilton county clerk of courts, domestic violence, drunk driving, and the minor hedge fund fraud/theft.

Again, thank you for your response!

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